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By | June 8, 2022

Features of their switches include indicator lights, chemical and weather resistance, and ESD/EMI/RFI shielding. There are many components in designing a membrane switch but none more important than the graphic overlay. The overlay is typically the first part of the device that the user notices and helps the user identify how to control the device. Graphic overlays are one of the top-notch components of membrane switches that offer robust benefits. Graphic overlays are the visual part of the membrane switch interface and will impact your design and branding. The adhesive is important in two layers of membrane switches; it combines the switch to the graphic overlay and will bind the entire assembly to your product.

In simple terms, to create a membrane keypad we’re basically adhering a printedoverlay panel over a flexible printed circuit. Other technologies such as Led’s, Antennas, capacitive sensors can also be incorporated into the assembly. All technologies must be incorporated without lumpiness to the appearance of the membrane switch assembly. Membrane switches and keypads are a fully customisable solutions for Human – Machine Interface requirements. Each product we design and manufacture is unique and has its own requirement regarding environmental, mechanical, electrical and physical appearance properties. With our decades of experience, Sun Industries is able to help you through the specification process to make sure your products HMI solution is suited perfectly.

membrane switch panel

The design and utilization of light guide film technology has become one of the most common methods of interface backlighting. CSI Keyboards uses proprietary techniques to design the light guide film so it is optimized for light redirection and reflection giving the customer the brightest possible backlighting solution. Light guide film dots are also designed and implemented which allow for the optimization of light distribution to obtain maximum brightness and uniformity. Common problems that many of our competitors face are light leakage and hot spots. CSI’s backlighting designs prevent any light leakage and hot spots from occurring, and also result in much brighter light guide film and interface.

Using the latest LED powered lighting can reduce cost and reduce power used by a device. Since many devices today are portable, this backlighting solution is more relevant than ever. Backlighting with fiber optics is achieved by light transmission through fibers connected to a source of illumination. As in the previous alternative Backlighting offers an attractive result, however, it adds complexity in design and manufacturing to membrane keypad projects. Our membrane switches are produced with state of the art manufacturing equipment and meet the highest industry specifications.

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